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One Person Company

Prior to the implementation of the Companies Act of 2013 only two people could form a company. The Companies Act of 2013 supports the formation of One Person Company (OPC) in India. It governs the registration and functioning of one person company in India. In comparison with a public company a private company should have at least two directors and two members however on the contrary, one person company registration doesn’t need any group of people to be incorporated.

As per the Section 262 of Companies Act of 2013 and official registration of OPC in India is legal. One person company registration in India requires a single director and a single member representing the whole firm. This corporation type has very few compliance requirements in comparison with a private corporation.

Steps for Registration of OPC

  • Step 1: Check the eligibility and documentation
  • Step 2: Request DSCs and DINs for each director
  • Step 3: Submit a request for a name reservation Form Spice+ for company incorporation
  • Step 4: Apply for PAN and TAN for your new business
  • Step 5: RoC issues an incorporation certificate with a PAN and TAN
  • Step 6: Open a bank account and start your business.

The whole process for one person company registration can be completed in a time span of just 20 days. All you have to do is reach out to Vakilsearch and complete the process with no delay.

Documents Required for OPC Company Registration

A scanned replica of a current bank statement

You can access bank statements online through internet banking or by visiting a bank location. Account statements and transaction summary statements are other names for them that are frequently used.

An electricity or gas bill, a phone bill, and a mobile bill

Utilities costs typically cover electricity, gas, water/sewage, and rubbish disposal. Since they are now considered ordinary in the majority of Indian households, other services like internet, cable TV, and phone services are occasionally regarded as extra utilities. The price of utilities can vary widely, largely depending on your region, the temperature where you live, and your usage patterns. Hence these are also submitted as important documents for registration of OPC.

Rental agreement in English transcribed in a digital format

Rental agreements are usually handed over as hard copies to the tenants. This has to be scanned and provided to the authority for documentation.

A landowner’s no-objection certificate transcribed in a digital format

This document is from the landowner of the specific land. Every company must always maintain a registered address for the corporation under Section 12 of The Companies Act, 2013 When a business is incorporated in India, the registered address is provided as an attachment to the Spice+ form. However, if the business’s address changes after incorporation, a Form INC-22 notification of the new registration address of the company must be submitted to the ROC.

A property or sale deeds scanned copy in English language (if the property is owned)

A sale deed is a legal document used in real estate transactions to prove the purchase and transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. This is the primary ownership transfer paperwork. A sale deed is sometimes known as the conveyance deed or the final deed.

ANBIFM Registration Package for One Person Company in India

  • ANBIFM registration package provides a Digital Signature Certificate online for one of your director’s
  • We will also provide a Directors Identification Number (DIN) (If the shareholders are different from directors, then additional DSC is required for shareholders)
  • Our Business experts will provide assistance with deciding the company name
  • PAN and TAN, drafting the articles of association, paying the government stamp duty and the certificate of incorporation fee, obtaining the name approval certificate, and registering for GST, PF, ESI, and PT (only applicable in Maharashtra) will be done with utmost care and speed
  • A Zero balance current account will be opened in DBS or ICICI.

Checklist for One Person Company Registration

  • Maximum and minimum membership requirements must be met
  • There should be a nominee chosen before incorporation
  • Use Form INC-3 to request the nominee’s approval
  • The Companies (Incorporation Rules) 2014 mandate that the OPC name be selected
  • Minimum authorised capital of ₹1 Lakh
  • DSC of the potential director
  • Evidence of the OPC’s registered office.

Features of One Person Company

Easy Succession

Despite having a single person running all the daily activities of the company, OPC provides options for perpetual succession. After the demise of a member of the company, the nominee can run the company.

Limited Liability

The member in a one-person company has limited liability. Since OPC is a registered company it is treated as a separate legal entity providing greater protection to its members. The liability of the member is limited to their shares so they are not liable for any losses conducted in the company. In case of bankruptcy, the creditors can sue the company and not the director of the company for procuring the company’s debt.

Sole Directorship and Shareholder

In one person company registration a single member acts as a director so they stand liable for managing the company’s day-to-day activities. In this case, there is no need for an executive director to run the daily needs. A single member is more than sufficient and acts as a shareholder with all responsibilities.

Ownership in Property

Since the OPC is treated as a separate legal entity the person has the right to hold property related to business and other assets in their name. The properties including machinery factories, residential property, buildings, and other assets cannot be claimed by another person. As per law, the one person company registration can acquire property directly under its name.

Compliances for a One Person Company

Certain compliances are outlined in the Companies Act of 2013 and must be met by the specified deadlines. These regulations provide openness, good governance, and safeguard the interests of all parties involved, including the ROC, shareholders, directors, investors, and tax authorities. These compliances can be divided into annual compliances, recurring compliances, post-incorporation one-time compliances, and compliances dependent on events. The first category of one-time compliances has been thoroughly covered here.

One Time Compliance

A one person company must immediately comply with specific legal requirements outlined by the Companies Act of 2013 and, if necessary, secure local registrations in accordance with the state laws of the location where the OPC is conducting business. The complete list of compliances along with their deadlines is shown below. For in-depth discussions, contact one of our startup advisors.

Compliance RequirementDue Date
Appointment of First AuditorWithin 30 Days of Incorporation
Issue of Share CertificateWithin 60 Days of Incorporation
Stamp Duty Payment on Share CertificateWithin 30 Days of Certificate Issue
Filing of INC-20A (Declaration for Business Commencement)
– Registered Address maintenance
– Registered office details filing
– Current Bank Account opening
– Entire Subscribed Capital received
Within 180 Days of Incorporation, but before commencing business

Note: The due date for Compliance Requirement 4 is a bit more complex, so we have broken it down into its component parts to provide clarity.

Restrictions on One Person Company

Despite having major advantages, one person company registration also comes with a certain set of restrictions.

Not Apt for Scalability

Registering your business as an OPC is a perfect option for a small business structure. However, if you are planning to scale it up on greater levels then this might not any given time the total number of people in an OPC is always one. If you are planning to add more members and have more shareholders you cannot register your business as OPC. So OPC registration is not apt to raise further capital. This will inhibit the expansion and growth of businesses.

Higher Restrictions on Business Activities

As per the rules and regulations, OPC is not permitted to conduct non-banking financial investment activities. Registering yourself as an OPC will not provide freedom to invest in the security of other corporations.

No Clear Distinction Between Ownership and Management

Since the one-person company has a single person to act as both the director of the company and the management there is no clear distinction between both roles. A single person is permitted to take and approve all the decisions. So, there are higher chances of unethical practices.

Advantages Of OPC Company in India

Legal Standing

The member grants the OPC registration a separate legal entity status. The sole person who incorporated the OPC is protected by its distinct legal status. The member is not personally liable for the company’s loss; instead, his or her liability is limited to the value of the shares that he or she owns. Therefore, the OPC and not the member or director may be sued by the creditors.

Easy Access to Funding

One person company registration in India can easily raise money through venture capital, angel investors, incubators, and other sources because it is a private company. Getting money is now simple.

Less Conformity

One person company registration is given some exemptions from compliance requirements under the Companies Act of 2013. The OPC is not required to prepare the cash flow statement. The secretary of the company is not required to provide any annual reports and maintain any account books.

Easy Integration

And one person company in India can be easily integrated without any legal hassles. A member also serving as a director should provide the approval for integration. There is no minimum paid up capital requirement.

Easy to Manage

Administration of the OPC can be made simple by allowing a single person to both find and lead it. Making decisions is straightforward, and it happens quickly. The member can easily pass both ordinary and special resolutions by writing them down in the minutes book and getting just one other member to sign them. Because there won’t be any internal disputes or delays, managing the company will be easy.

Constant Repetition

The OPC has the function of perpetual succession even with only one member. A nominee must be chosen by the single-member when incorporating the OPC. The candidate will take over operation of the company in the event that a member passes away.

Why anbifm?

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FAQs on Easy opc company registration

What is a one person company (OPC)?

A one person company (OPC) is a type of business entity that allows a single individual to operate and manage the company. It was introduced in India to provide a platform for entrepreneurs who want to start a company with the benefits of limited liability.

OPC has only one shareholder who is the sole owner and director of the company.

  • It enjoys the benefits of limited liability, meaning the personal assets of the owner are separate from the company’s liabilities.
  • OPC does not require appointing a minimum number of directors like other companies.
  • It has perpetual succession, meaning the existence of the company is not affected by the death or incapacitation of the owner.
  • OPC is not allowed to raise funds from the public through share issuance.
  • One Person Company (OPC): It has only one shareholder, limited liability, and no requirement for appointing a minimum number of directors.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): It has two or more partners, each with limited liability for their own actions and the actions of those they supervise.
  • Private Limited Company (Pvt Ltd): It requires a minimum of two shareholders and two directors, offering limited liability and the ability to raise funds through share issuance.

Only a natural person who is an Indian citizen and resident in India can form an OPC. Additionally, an individual cannot be a member of more than one OPC at the same time.

The documents required for OPC company registration include:

  • Identity and address proofs of the owner/director(s).
  • Address proof of the company’s registered office.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) of the company.
  • Consent to act as a director from the owner/director(s).
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the property owner of the registered office.

OPC is a type of private company. It has all the features of a private company with the exception that it can have only one shareholder.

OPC must comply with the following rules:

  • The owner must be an Indian citizen and resident in India.
  • It cannot have more than one shareholder.
  • The minimum authorized capital is not applicable.
  • It must add One Person Company to its name to distinguish it from other types of companies.

The choice between an OPC and a Private Limited Company depends on various factors, such as the number of members, the structure of ownership, liability protection, and long-term goals. OPC is suitable for single entrepreneurs, while Private Limited Company offers more flexibility and scalability for businesses with multiple founders or investors.

The OPC registration fees may vary and depend on factors like authorized capital, professional fees, and government charges. It is recommended to check with a ANBIFM expert.

Yes, OPC can have directors, but it must have a minimum of one director at all times. The sole shareholder is also the director by default.

To register an OPC company in India, follow these steps:

  • Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for the proposed director.
  • Choose a suitable name for the company, adhering to the naming guidelines.
  • Prepare the necessary documents, including MOA, AOA, and address proofs.
  • File the application for OPC registration with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
  • Pay the required registration fees and stamp duty.
  • Once approved, the ROC will issue a Certificate of Incorporation, and the company will be officially registered.

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