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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a significant tax reform in India that has simplified the indirect tax structure. This comprehensive guide will cover various aspects of GST, GST return filing, penalties, compliances, GST filing dates, composition schemes, and the products and services excluded from GST. Whether you’re a business owner, taxpayer, or looking for a tax consultant near you, this guide will provide valuable insights.

Understanding GST

GST is a destination-based consumption tax that has replaced various indirect taxes in India. It is levied on the supply of goods and services and aims to create a unified tax structure. The system categorizes goods and services into different tax slabs, such as 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%, with some items subject to a 0% tax rate and a special rate for precious metals.

GST Return Filing online

The GST Return Filing Process

Filing GST returns is a fundamental obligation for every business registered under GST. The process involves providing details of sales and purchases, which are then used to calculate the tax liability. GST returns can be filed online through the GST portal. Businesses need to file different types of returns, including GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-9, based on their turnover and other criteria.

Benefits of Timely GST Return Filing

  1. Avoid Penalties: Timely GST return filing helps businesses avoid penalties and legal consequences.

  2. Input Tax Credit: Filing returns on time ensures that businesses can claim input tax credit, reducing their overall tax liability.

  3. Maintaining Compliance: Regular filing establishes a business’s reputation for compliance, which can be beneficial for attracting customers and partners.

  4. Simplified Accounting: GST returns streamline the process of accounting for taxes paid and collected.

  5. Government Support: Timely filing allows businesses to avail government support and schemes.

Penalties for Late GST Return Filing

Failing to file GST returns on time can result in penalties, interest, and legal repercussions. The penalties can range from a fixed amount per day to a percentage of the tax due. Businesses should be aware of the filing deadlines and adhere to them.

Types of GST Returns

The types of GST returns that businesses need to file depend on their category and turnover. Here are some common GST return forms:

  1. GSTR-1: Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and services. Monthly/quarterly filing.

  2. GSTR-3B: A summary of sales and purchases, with monthly filing.

  3. GSTR-9: The annual return that provides a summary of all transactions.

  4. GSTR-4: For businesses opting for the Composition Scheme.

  5. GSTR-5: For non-resident taxpayers.

Composition Scheme in GST

The Composition Scheme is a simplified tax scheme designed for small businesses with an annual turnover below a certain threshold. Businesses under this scheme pay tax at a fixed percentage of their turnover and are relieved from the detailed compliance procedures.

Benefits of Composition Scheme

  1. Simplified Taxation: Businesses under this scheme have a simplified tax payment process.

  2. Reduced Compliance: Minimal compliance requirements, making it easier for small businesses to adhere to GST regulations.

  3. Lower Tax Liability: Composition taxpayers pay a lower rate of tax compared to regular taxpayers.

Disadvantages of Composition Scheme

  1. No Input Tax Credit: Businesses under this scheme cannot claim input tax credit.

  2. Limited Growth: The annual turnover limit for the Composition Scheme is relatively low.

Services Provided by ANBIFM Tax Consultants

ANBIFM tax consultants are experts in GST and offer a range of services to businesses and taxpayers. These services include:

  1. GST Registration: Assistance in obtaining GST registration for businesses.

  2. GST Return Filing: Timely and accurate filing of GST returns, ensuring compliance.

  3. GST Audit and Consultation: In-depth analysis and recommendations for GST-related matters.

  4. Compliance Management: Ensuring businesses adhere to all GST regulations and filing requirements.

  5. Representation and Liaison: Handling interactions with tax authorities on behalf of clients.

  6. Legal Support: Providing legal guidance and representation in case of disputes or litigation.

  7. Composition Scheme Advisory: Guidance for businesses considering the Composition Scheme.

  8. GST Training: Training for businesses and their staff on GST-related matters.

Looking for ANBIFM Tax Consultants Near Me?

If you’re searching for ANBIFM tax consultants near you, we have a network of professionals ready to assist you with all your GST-related needs. ANBIFM tax consultants provide personalized solutions, ensuring that you make the most of the GST regime while maintaining compliance.

Exclusions in GST

Not all goods and services are subject to GST. Some are either exempt or excluded from its purview. Here are the key categories of exclusions:

Goods Excluded from GST

  1. Alcohol for Human Consumption: Alcoholic beverages are outside the scope of GST and are subject to separate state taxes.

  2. Petroleum Products: This includes crude oil, natural gas, and aviation turbine fuel, which are subject to their taxation system.

  3. Electricity: Supply of electricity is also excluded from GST.

Services Excluded from GST

  1. Healthcare Services: Most healthcare services, including doctor consultations and hospital services, are exempt from GST.

  2. Educational Services: Educational institutions providing preschool to higher education services are exempt from GST.

  3. Agriculture: Services related to agriculture and agricultural produce are not taxable under GST.

  4. Postal Services: Services provided by the Indian Postal Service are not subject to GST.

  5. Financial Services: Many financial services, like loans, deposits, and insurance, are exempt from GST.


Understanding GST and the various aspects related to it, including GST return filing, composition schemes, and exclusions, is crucial for businesses and taxpayers in India. Timely and accurate GST return filing is essential to avoid penalties and ensure compliance.

ANBIFM tax consultants are here to assist you in navigating the complexities of GST, providing expert guidance, and helping you make the most of the GST regime while adhering to all legal requirements. If you’re looking for tax consultants near you, ANBIFM is your trusted partner for all things GST.

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