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Goods and Services Tax (GST) return filing in Assam, like in any other state in India, follows a standardized process. Here’s a general overview of how to file GST returns in Chandigarh

Easy Steps for GST Return Filing In Assam

Register for GST

Before you can file GST returns, you need to register for GST if your business turnover exceeds the threshold limit. You can register online through the GST portal.

Collect all your invoices, purchase records, and other transaction data for the tax period you are  GST filing returns for. Ensure that your invoices meet the GST invoice format requirements.

GST return forms vary based on your type of business and the turnover. The most common forms for regular taxpayers are GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, and GSTR-9. You need to select the appropriate return form for your business.

Use accounting or GST return filing software or take the help of a GST consultant to prepare your returns. Ensure that all your data is accurate and matches your invoices.

Log in to the ANBIFM portal ( Send your GSTIN and password.  select the relevant return form. Fill in the details as required and upload any supporting documents

After filling in all the required information, review your return for accuracy. Once you are sure that all the information is correct, submit the return

If you have any tax liability after adjusting your input tax credit, make the payment through the GST portal using the appropriate payment methods.

GST Return Filing In Chhattisgarh

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GST Return Filing in Assam– An Overview

A GST return is a document that businesses registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India are required to file regularly with the government. It provides details of their taxable sales, purchases, and taxes paid and owed during a specified period. The GST return in Chhattisgarh is filed online through the GST portal and must be submitted within the due date to avoid late fees and penalties.

 Who Is Required to File the GST Returns in Assam ?

  • All the businesses registered under the GST Act should file for GST returns in Bihar.
  • The frequency of Filing  GST Return depends on the turnover of the business and the taxpayer’s GST registration status
  • If the business turnover is more than ₹1.5 crore, it is crucial to file the tax returns on a monthly basis.

GST Return Filing in Assam Under the Composition Scheme

 The GST composition scheme in Assam , offers an option for filing returns on a quarterly basis

  • The taxpayers are required to file quarterly returns, on GSTR-4, instead of monthly returns
  • The returns must be filed online on the GST portal and must contain details of the outward supplies made during the quarter
  • The GST returns under the composition scheme are simpler than the normal returns and are meant to provide ease of compliance to small taxpayers.

Late Fees for Not Filing Return on Time

 As per the Act, Late fees are charged at ₹100 per day. So, it will be ₹100 under CGST and ₹100 under SGST. The total will be ₹200 per day, subject to a maximum of ₹5,000.

Documents Required for Filing GST Returns in Assam


  • PAN
  • Bank account details
  • Bank statement
  • Invoices or receipts of all the purchases made during the tax period
  • Total sales made during the tax period
  • Details of any other tax payment made during the tax period
  • Proof of payment of taxes such as challan or other payment receipts.

Online GST Returns Filing in Assam


ANBIFM  conducts the entire GST return filing process online following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: An experienced GST advisor is assigned to assist you at every step of the way
  • Step 2: Every month, our GST professionals will get in touch with you and collect all the relevant data
  • Step 3: We will prepare the documents required for GST returns
  • Step 4: Our in-house CA will file it in the GST portal within 24 hours
  • Step 5: We also provide complete annual support.

Eligibility for GST Returns Filing in Assam

In Assam, filing a GST return is required for the following individuals:

  • In Assam, it is mandatory for everybody with a valid GSTIN to file their GST returns
  • Additionally, anyone whose annual revenue exceeds ₹20 lakh is required to register for GST and submit GST returns on a regular basis
  • The annual turnover cap is established at ₹10 lakh for the special states.

Benefits for GST Returns Filing in Assam

  • Improved Record-Keeping: Businesses must keep accurate records in order to file GST returns. It can help them keep track of their finances and make an apt business decisions
  • Utilising Input Tax Credits: Businesses will claim input tax credits on the GST paid on the purchases by Finalising the GST returns. It effectively reduces the overall tax burden
  • Smooth Audit Procedure: Since all the necessary information is already available, filing GST returns can speed up and simplify the audit process
  • Increasing Creditworthiness: Regular and prompt GST return filing can increase a business’s creditworthiness, making it simpler to obtain loans and other types of financing.

FAQs on GST Return Filing

Can I file GST returns for multiple states in Assam?

Yes, you can file GST returns for multiple states in Haryana if you are registered in multiple states.

Yes, you can make corrections to your GST returns in Haryana by filing an amendment return.

Yes, you can file GST returns for previous months in Haryana.

If you miss the deadline for filing GST returns in Haryana, you may be required to pay late fees and interest.

The deadline for filing GST returns in Haryana is usually the 20 of the following month. However, for certain taxpayers, it may be different.


 GST returns play a crucial role in determining the tax liability of a business, and also helps the government keep track of the flow of goods and services in the economy. GST return filing is much simpler and more convenient through ANBIFM as described below.

A Dedicated GST Advisor

 As you register for GST and file your GST returns, a relationship manager with expertise in the sector you work in will be there to help.

Submit GST Returns

 Our team will make sure that you get notices on time before the cutoff. We will regularly remind you so that you won’t miss out on the deadline.

Get Monthly GST Status Reports

 Monthly updates detailing the status of GST return filing, including GSTR-3B, and subsequent actions would be given to you by our GST advisors.