GST Registration in Surat

Be a part of the biggest tax reforms India has ever witnessed. Get the GST registration done in Surat & receive of incentives announced by the Government.

3 STEP gst apply online in Surat

Document submission & VerificationDocument submission & Verification


Application filed, ARN generatedApplication filed, ARN generated


Get GST certificateGet GST certificate

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In addition to registration services, a ANBIFM may offer GST advisory services to help you optimize your tax planning and compliance strategies. They can provide guidance on GST rates, input tax credit, and other aspects of GST compliance 

Hiring a ANBIFM (TAX COUNSULTANT ) for gst application online in Surat can be beneficial, especially if you are new to GST or have a complex business structure. It ensures that you meet all legal requirements and helps you navigate the complexities of GST compliance effectively. ANBIFM ( TAX CONSULTANTS )or any reputable tax consultancy firm can be a valuable partner in this process.

New GST Registration in Surat

Are you a business owner in Surat, India, looking to navigate the complexities of GST (Goods and Services Tax) registration and compliance? ANBIFM Tax Consultant is your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless GST registration process and expert tax-related services. With years of experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, we have established ourselves as the go-to tax consultancy firm in Surat. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the various aspects of GST registration, GSTIN numbers, the components of GST, the required documents, e-way bill registration, eligibility for GST registration in Surat, GST certificates, penalties for failure to register, and the importance of voluntary GST return filing. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of how ANBIFM Tax Consultant can assist you in becoming GST compliant, optimizing your tax planning, and simplifying your tax-related responsibilities.

GST Registration: A Vital Step for Every Business

What is goods and services tax registration?

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. It has replaced a complex network of taxes and brought about a uniform taxation system, making it easier for businesses to operate and comply with tax regulations. GST is categorized into four tax slabs – 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%, with certain essential items attracting a 0% tax rate.

The Need for GST Registration Registration

GST registration is mandatory for any business with an annual turnover exceeding the prescribed threshold limit. It is essential for the smooth operation of your business, as it allows you to collect GST from your customers and claim input tax credit on GST paid on your purchases. Failing to register under GST can result in legal consequences and financial penalties.

Understanding the GSTIN Number

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN, or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number, is a unique 15-digit alphanumeric code assigned to each taxpayer registered under GST. It is used for identification and compliance purposes and is a vital component of your business’s GST journey.

Components of GSTIN

A GSTIN number is divided into the following components:

  1. State Code: The first two digits represent the state code where your business is registered.

  2. PAN (Permanent Account Number): The next ten digits of the GSTIN are typically derived from your PAN.

  3. Entity Code: This is a unique combination of characters that differentiates between entities having the same PAN in a state.

  4. Check Digit: The last digit of the GSTIN is a check digit used for error detection.

Documents Required for registration under gst

To initiate the registered under gst process, you need to provide specific documents. These documents include:

  1. PAN Card of the Applicant: The PAN card of the business owner or authorized signatory is a mandatory document for GST registration.

  2. Aadhar Card of the Applicant: The Aadhar card is required as proof of identity.

  3. Address Proof: Any valid document confirming the place of business is essential.

  4. Bank Account Details: Bank account information, including the account number and IFSC code, must be provided.

  5. Photographs: Passport-sized photographs of the applicant are required.

  6. Business Registration Proof: Depending on your business type (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, company), you will need to provide registration documents.

  7. Digital Signature: A digital signature certificate is required for online submission of the application.

  8. Authorization Letter: In the case of an authorized signatory, an authorization letter is necessary.

  9. Letter of Undertaking (LUT): For businesses involved in export and deemed export, an LUT is required.

E-Way Bill Registration

The E-Way Bill is an electronically generated document required for the movement of goods. It is mandatory for the transportation of goods valued at over INR 50,000. E-Way Bill registration is crucial for businesses involved in the transportation of goods to remain compliant with GST laws.

Is Surat Eligible for register for gst online?

Surat, known as the textile hub of India, is home to a vast number of businesses, including textile manufacturers, diamond merchants, and various trading enterprises. These businesses often surpass the GST threshold limit, making them eligible for GST registration. Whether you are a textile manufacturer in Ichhpur or a diamond merchant in Varachha, ANBIFM Tax Consultant can provide expert guidance and services to ensure your GST registration is done correctly.

Obtaining Your GST Certificate

Once you’ve successfully completed the GST registration process, you will receive a GST certificate. This certificate serves as proof of your GST registration and is required for various business transactions, including opening a bank account and applying for government tenders.

Penalty for Failure to Register for GST

Failing to register for GST can have severe consequences, including hefty penalties. As a responsible business owner, it is crucial to understand the penalties associated with non-compliance.

Late Registration Penalty

If you do not register for GST within the stipulated time frame after crossing the threshold limit, you may incur a late registration penalty. The penalty can be a percentage of the tax liability.

Penalty for Evading GST

Evading GST by not registering your business is a serious offense. If detected, it can lead to substantial penalties, imprisonment, or both. The penalty can be up to 100% of the tax evaded.

Voluntary GST Return Filing

While GST registration is mandatory for eligible businesses, GST return filing is equally important. Filing GST returns on time ensures that you comply with the law and maintain a good tax record. It also enables you to claim input tax credits and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Benefits of Voluntary GST Return Filing

Voluntarily filing your GST returns offers several benefits, including:

  1. Improved Tax Compliance: Voluntary filing demonstrates your commitment to tax compliance, which can be advantageous in dealings with government agencies and potential investors.

  2. Input Tax Credit: Timely filing of GST returns allows you to claim input tax credits, reducing your overall tax liability.

  3. Avoiding Penalties: Voluntary compliance helps you steer clear of penalties and legal consequences associated with late or non-filing of returns.

  4. Maintaining Good Standing: It reflects positively on your business’s financial health and reliability.

ANBIFM Tax Consultant: Your Trusted Tax Partner in Surat

When it comes to Online GST registration, compliance, and tax-related services in Surat, ANBIFM Tax Consultant is the name you can rely on. Our team of experts is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of GST and ensuring your business’s financial well-being. Here’s how we can assist you:

1. Seamless GST Registration

Our experts will guide you through the GST registration process, ensuring all necessary documents are in place. We make sure you meet the deadlines and avoid any associated penalties.

2. GSTIN Application

We handle the entire process of obtaining your GSTIN number, making sure it is error-free and in compliance with regulations.

3. Document Preparation

Our team assists you in gathering and preparing all the required documents for GST registration, ensuring a smooth application process.

4. E-Way Bill Registration

We provide expert assistance in E-Way Bill registration, making sure your business stays compliant with GST laws.

5. Compliance Checks

We conduct periodic compliance checks to ensure your business remains GST compliant and help you avoid any potential issues.

6. Voluntary GST Return Filing

Our team helps you with the timely filing of GST returns, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of voluntary compliance.

7. Penalty Resolution

In case you face any issues related to penalties or non-compliance, we provide guidance and support to help resolve these matters.

Tax Consultant Near Me: We’re Just a Click Away

Are you searching for a “tax consultant near me” in Surat? With ANBIFM Tax Consultant, you have a trusted partner that’s always within your reach. Our expert services are just a click or a phone call away, making it easy for you to access professional tax guidance and support.

GST Registration Cost and Charges

You might wonder about the cost of GST registration services. At ANBIFM Tax Consultant, we offer competitive pricing, ensuring that our services are accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our charges are transparent and reflect the high value we provide. Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.


Navigating the intricacies of GST registration, compliance, and return filing can be a daunting task for any business owner. However, with ANBIFM Tax Consultant by your side, you can rest assured that your tax-related matters are in capable hands. We offer a wide range of services, from GST registration and GSTIN application to E-Way Bill registration, compliance checks, voluntary return filing, and penalty resolution. By choosing us as your tax partner, you not only ensure compliance with tax laws but also enhance your financial well-being.

Don’t let the complexities of GST deter you from focusing on the growth of your business. Contact ANBIFM Tax Consultant today for expert assistance and make your journey in the world of GST a smooth and successful one. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we are here to support your business every step of the way.

Whether you are in Surat, Ichhpur, Varachha, or any other part of Surat, ANBIFM Tax Consultant is your local partner in GST registration and tax consultancy. Contact us today and experience the difference a knowledgeable and dedicated tax consultant can make for your business.

FAQs on GST Registration in Surat

How to check GST registration status in Surat ?

You can check the GST registration status by visiting the GST Portal. Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Registration’ > ‘Track Application Status.

No. If your business is not registered with GST, then you can’t claim ITC and collect tax.

The State and Central authorities will have seven days from the date when the taxable person notifies removal of flaws to approve or deny the application.